The Members of BRG



The Beery Rainsberger Group (BRG) is a trusted multifamily advisor in the North Central Florida region. BRG has spent years and thousands of hours cataloging every single owner and buyer of apartment communities in the specific markets they cover, personally speaking with and getting to know each investor with the sole objective to learn how they can create value for their operations. BRG knows all the key players and how to get deals done quickly. Our selling clients highly respect our intricate system for sourcing well-qualified buyers in an efficient manner while obtaining the fairest terms for both parties. Our buying clients are impressed with our ability to source acquisition opportunities that fit their specific criteria and supply them with only the key information they need to make a decision.

General Commercial Real Estate

For years, we’ve led the market in the number of closed transactions and closed sales/leasing volume. Beery Rainsberger does this by having a core team of five people who are totally focused on moving your commercial real estate. We take listings that will sell, we work with buyers who will close, we price properties based on having the most thorough knowledge of the market, and we don’t waste time on tire-kickers or unqualified buyers or tenants. We are skilled at analyzing the value of commercial real estate and translating that knowledge into quick sales.

Buyer/Tenant Representation

We turn down more requests for buyer/tenant rep work than we accept. We work only with serious people who we have pre-qualified to the best of our ability. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time and owners know and respect that. If they have an offer from the Beery Rainsberger Group they can be relatively certain that they’ll be dealing with a buyer or tenant who has the ability to get a deal done. At the end of the day, everyone’s time is valuable and we seek to maximize the efficiency of the buying/leasing process.