What people are saying about BRG

What people are saying about BRG

Neil Rosin, MBA
Seller, Commercial Real Estate
I just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM VERY MUCH for expediting the sale of my office building!! You have no idea how happy & relieved I am about getting out from under the stressful cash drain and burden of that office building. I now realize that I should have engaged your company’s expert and professional services earlier. Once I did you quickly got to work on the marketing of the building and had a contract for me to sign in less than a month. I couldn’t be more pleased with the professional service, communication and quick sale. It’s easy to see why The Beery Rainsberger Group is number one in the market.
Ken Polsinelli
Founder & Managing Partner, Peacock Capital
Peacock Capital and BlackEagle are focused on acquiring multifamily properties in one of the Florida markets Beau covers. We shared our goals with him and he soon after provided us with an off market asset that was very well located, well constructed, 100% occupied, and still provided an opportunity for us to add value. Throughout the transaction, Beau was always reachable, transparent with all the details of the property, and even introduced us to a great property management firm in the market. We are already discussing future opportunities with Beau’s team and hope to close on several more multifamily communities next year.
Tom Mallini
Apartment Community Owner
Having owned the Savannah Place Apartments for almost 25 years, my tax basis was practically nothing. I wanted to properly time my retirement from the real estate investment market with the current major increase in apartment values, all while needing to walk away with enough after-tax proceeds to compensate for my lost cash flows from the property. While my resulting price needed to accomplish these goals was lofty, Beau Beery was able to appropriately convey the value of the asset to the end buyer in a manner that made sense to all. Throughout the entire transaction, I valued Beau’s frequent communication with me, his transparency, and the fact that he always answered his phone and emails. Not to mention, the whole BRG team are just good folks to work with. I highly recommend their investments sales services.
Tommy Cone
Commercial Real Estate Owner
We’ve always been reluctant to hire realtors but hiring BRG was one of the best moves we could have made. First of all, everyone in the group is a nice person who’s easy to work with. More important, they know the market and know what needs to be done to get space rented. We don’t particularly like paying commissions but BRG certainly earns theirs.
Lee Caswell
Real Estate Investor & Developer
I have been in the real estate business a very long time. The BRG team is truly one of the most capable agents I have been fortunate enough to have represent my interests. I worked with them a year ago to secure a premier site for a student housing development, and before I could break ground, the team brought me an offer that allowed me to sell that property and afford me the opportunity to buy an even better location for my project. They are always one step ahead! They are smart, honest and reliable. I could not be more pleased.
Jill Pain
Apartment Owner
Beau, thank you for finding the buyer. I am very pleased the way everything turned out. Now on to my new journey! I am texting you someone who needs your help. I spoke with her a couple days ago and I could not stop giving you great accolades for helping me. She has been hitting a lot of dead end roads with many Realtors. I told her you have integrity. You supersede all the Realtors she has tried to make this a go with. I mentioned your Platinum Award. I was telling her I have 100% confidence in you. She was very impressed with that statement. Our mutual friend told her you are the best! He has spoken volumes about you to her. Fortunate indeed I am to know you, Beau. Thank you again!
Phil Wagner
Apartment Community Owner
My business partner and I bought this apartment complex in early 2009, arguably the bottom of the market at that time. The purchase price matched the market so we got a good deal. We updated the asset early on but by the time Beau Beery called me about selling, it was due for another property wide exterior value add program. We decided to take advantage of a good market offer instead. Beau’s reputation in the industry for professionalism, communication, and market knowledge repeated with this transaction. Beau was able to bring us an excellent offer price with fair terms from a 1031 buyer from California. We knew Beau only worked with well qualified players in the industry so we took the deal seriously from the start. We wouldn’t hesitate to buy or sell with Beau again should the opportunity arise.
Dr. Shipman & Staff
Business Owner, Dental Practice
We absolutely highly recommend The Beery Rainsberger Group. Even though we didn't end up moving our practice, it was such a pleasure working with them the past year. They are at the top of our list should we be in the market again, or if someone we know is looking for commercial property. Thanks for everything!
Rob Hardin
Seller - CEO, Doctors Imaging Group
Todd Rainsberger and Steve McKinney of The Beery Rainsberger Group were able to procure an experienced buyer, with a reasonable inspection period, and quick closing of our 7000 square foot office building. They were able to secure a fair price for the property. We encountered some structural issues with the building during inspection, but Todd and Steve provided excellent communication and got the deal closed. It has been a pleasure to work with The Beery Rainsberger Group and we look forward to using their services again.
Alan Abrams
Apartment Community Owner
The highly successful broker I used to sell my apartment complex in California suggested I work with Beau Beery of The Beery Rainsberger Group in Florida to complete my 1031 Exchange. I’m glad he did. Beau made the process of buying the asset from the other side of the United States very simple. He put together a list of off market assets and was then able to convince the owner of the top rated asset to sell. It was in an excellent location with a very high occupancy history, and still had some value add in the future rents. Beau always answered my calls, texts and emails right away. He was honest in his guidance and quite knowledgeable about the market during our market and site tours. I was convinced we secured an excellent 1031 asset. If I have the opportunity to buy or sell future apartment deals in Florida, I won’t hesitate to call Beau and his team.
Marc Douglass
Commercial Real Estate Investor
I wanted to thank you and your team for the help provided on our latest investment purchase. My goal is to get it leased as soon as possible, so we buy something else and start the whole process over again with you! Working with people like you makes the process much easier on my side, so I appreciate the effort your team put in.
Millie Martinez
Owner, Commercial Real Estate
Todd Rainsberger and Steve McKinney of The Beery Rainsberger Group were able to procure a suitable tenant for the suite and even though there were some issues including the need to appropriately demise the space and provide new HVAC systems, they kept us in the loop at every turn and got the Lease signed. I’m thankful for the work that Todd and Steve did to get us a fair rent and good terms.
Brooke Christian
Multifamily Investor
I just want to thank you for your helpfulness and responsiveness with our Gainesville purchase. Suffice it to say, that we could not have done it without you. I have dealt with a great many business service professionals and start to finish, by any measure, you all are among the best.
Lisa Haiyan
Seller, Commercial Real Estate
Steve McKinney of The Beery Rainsberger Group was able to provide an all cash experienced buyer, with a significant earnest money deposit, quick inspection period, and quick closing of our office condominium. Steve, was able to secure a fair price for the suite and even though there were some issues with water intrusion, carpet and the buyer’s 1031 exchange, he kept us informed every step of the way and got the deal closed. We are grateful for the quality work Steve and The Beery Rainsberger Group put in to get us a fair price and quick closing.
Alex Barroso
Apartment Community Owner
Having purchased and value added to an asset I acquired in 2014, I was ready to take advantage of the positive market conditions by selling my remaining Florida asset. Beau Beery of The Beery Rainsberger Group brought me a 1031 buyer from Colorado wanting to invest away from the already out of control pricing in his area. Despite a series of challenges during the deal, including a recent switch in property management, the lease up period in the year, and securing a lender willing to lend on recent financials instead of historical financials, Beau was able to keep the parties calm, focused, and got us to closing. After 9 addendums, including three closing date changes and several deal breaker issues that arose two days before closing, I'm glad I had Beau on the job to bring a win win to both parties.
Dan Pepper
Palm Communities, LLC (Buyer)
Beau Beery has been a friend for many years, and a wealth of knowledge about the North Florida investment property market. I visited him in January while passing through Gainesville, and he notified me of an off-market 24 unit multifamily property that just came across his desk. With his help, we investigated the property, made an offer to purchase it, negotiated a fair deal to both sides, and closed on the purchase within two months of that meeting. Beau exceeded our expectations with his team's ability to move quickly, gather accurate facts so there were no surprises, and keep all parties communicating honestly & fairly. We look forward to working with The Beery Rainsberger Group again.
Brent McAlee
Multifamily Investor
Being from California where reasonable investment opportunities are few and far between, I've been eager to invest in the Florida market where there are still good options. I reached out to Beau Beery of the Beery Rainsberger Group after he sent me some information on a couple recent closings they had in North Florida. He told me of an apartment investment that he had just gotten info on the week prior but had not assembled all the financials yet. Beau shared with me the pertinent info as he received it and we quickly went to contract. There were some minor repairs required by my lender prior to closing and Beau was able to help negotiate those improvements to keep the deal moving forward. We look forward to working with The Beery Rainsberger Group again.
Mike Collins
CPA & CFP for Seller
Beau Beery of The Beery Rainsberger Group secured an all cash experienced buyer, who offered a fair price, quick inspection period and quick closing, of an apartment community owned by a client's estate. Despite a couple of minor bumps in the road with last minute vacancies and survey issues, he made sure the deal closed. We would definitely work with The Beery Rainsberger Group again should the need of one of our clients in the Florida market arise.
Chris Beechler
Retired, Owner Beechler's Printing
Choosing a Commercial Real Estate firm to represent my company in the sale of our plant was important. We wanted experienced, professional, respected and successful individuals working with us. Our search led us to Todd Rainsberger, Beau Beery, Tracy Ross, and Steve McKinney of The Beery Rainsberger Group with Coldwell Banker Commercial M.M. Parrish. Their experience was impressive. Their sales and leasing record was second to none. Their reputation with other Realtors and especially commercial Realtors was second to none. Commercial sales are not like residential transactions. They require an expert professional. Our property was in excess of 20,000 sq ft and covered close to 3 acres. Beau, Todd and Steve were wonderful to work with. While we were waiting to find a buyer they kept our property fully leased with quality tenants and leases. Thank you Beau, Todd, Steve, and Tracy. You made this process as painless as possible………and profitable for us as well.
Robert G. Priest
Managing Member, Priest Realty LP
I am compelled to write the most glowing recommendation humanly possible for The Beery Rainsberger Team and for you personally. All of you did a totally phenomenal job listing, marketing and closing the recent sale or our 10,000 SF retail building in Gainesville - special emphasis on “closing” - an area where few, if any, of your peers even try, let alone excel! Thank you is simply not sufficient. As a lifelong CRE investor, and more recently fund sponsor and real estate agent, who has completed nearly $100 million in CRE transactions, I simply have never worked with a real estate broker or agent as flat out knowledgeable, professional and determined, all the while being totally user friendly than your Team, PERIOD!!! Important to mention - your Secret Weapon, Tracy Ross - simply FANTASTIC! Tracy jumped in with both feet and literally saved the deal, a testament to her skills, “can do” attitude and your leadership and management. Special thanks to Tracy! Please feel free to share this wholehearted and enthusiastic endorsement with any and all who might be considering your Team, and you, for their brokerage needs. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Again, thanks to all of you at The Beery Rainsberger Group.
Paul and Betty Cureton
Apartment Community Owners
Beau, you have been absolutely great to work with. Paul and I felt, even though we are both Real Estate Brokers, and both of our children sell real estate, that you earned and deserved to be the prevailing Real Estate Agent. We are very happy that you were successful in making the sale of 'our apartments' happen. You have been very professional and showed to us constantly your knowledge and understanding of the sale and transaction to all parties. We wish you the very best in the future and would be happy to recommend you to anyone considering buying or selling real estate investment properties. Thank you and we would love to shake your hand when you come to Seminole Country.
Dennis O.
Apartment Community Owner
We’ve owned this particular apartment asset since we finished construction in 1977. It has been a solid producer for us all these years. Our dilemma was whether we wanted to go thru another round of heavy capital expenditures to keep the asset performing in top shape, or take advantage of the record sale prices occurring in the market for value add opportunities. I knew if anyone could find a solid buyer for the apartments that would show up to closing with no funny games, it would be Beau Beery of The Beery Rainsberger Group. Beau’s reputation in the commercial investment sector is outstanding. While his market value knowledge and connections in the industry are noteworthy, I’m most impressed with Beau’s transparency, his accessibility at all times, and he’s just an easy guy to work with. I look forward to transacting with Beau and his team again.
Jeffrey Tate, Ph.D.
COO & CSO, CTD Holdings, Inc.
I want to stop for a minute from the hustle of starting the next chapter in our company's life, following the sale of our commercial building and equipment in Alachua, to thank you and your team for another great transaction. With our new Board of Directors, we really shopped for an agent to represent us in this sale and received proposals from your team and two others. There was a difference of opinion in our group on the top candidate, but I settled the issue by asking, "Do we want to sell the building, or put up a sign and look like we're selling the building?" I was confident that your group would sell the building and has the contacts and resources to do it more quickly than any other group. My confidence was rewarded when we put the building under contract in two weeks and closed the sale smoothly and on time. Thanks again! Best wishes to you and all your colleagues and families for a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
Rod Santomassimo
President, Massimo Group, LLC
Beau is the consummate commercial real estate professional. Unlike the vast majority of his brokerage peers, Beau consistently invests in himself for the betterment of his clients. I highly recommend Beau and his team for any of your commercial real estate needs.
Jon and Beth Mills
Commercial Real Estate Investors
Our attorney in Gainesville recommended we call The Beery Rainsberger Group (BRG) to help us identify investment property for our 1031 Exchange requirements. BRG was very knowledgeable about the 1031 process and the mandatory timelines. While identifying all three properties was a challenge in this market, the very first one they found was an outstanding off-market 10 unit apartment complex in an A location in very good condition. BRG was responsive to calls and emails, set us up with a great property manager, and guided us thru to closing. Soon after closing we called BRG to sell two other multifamily properties we have in a different market.
Mark S. Daniel
Apartment Community Owner
Beau Beery at Beery-Rainsberger Group really knows how to make an apartment purchase/sale happen. He and I talked occasionally for a year, as I got my property in Tallahassee ready to sell. When I told him "okay" he arranged a showing and I had a cash offer for 90% of my asking price within two days. I wanted a full price offer, and better timing. Beau waited two months and brought me a 1031 purchaser at my full asking price. We concluded a straight forward deal which has left me (as the seller) happy, and the new owner is equally pleased. There were some unexpected bumps between contract and closing, but Beau's experience got us through the issues that arose. Standout qualities of the process include the integrity of every party in both offers, and the depth of experience of Beau and his colleagues. I didn't have to put up with any flim-flam junk dealers or flaky financing. One word sums it up: Professionalism.
Jariel Bortnick
Quad Equity Group
Being based in New York, we need eyes and ears in Florida. Beau and Todd were impressive to work with.

For more information about the Quad Equity Group, visit their website: http://quadpropertygroup.com/

Keith Smith
Apartment Community Owner
This was a complex transaction, but Beau and Todd stayed on it and got it done. I was impressed.

Bill and Betty Boykin
Apartment Community Owners
We knew we wanted to sell but dreaded the selling process. We are so grateful to have been referred to the BRG team because they made the deal easy. They helped us understand the market value, how investors make buying decisions and what we needed to do to make a quick sale. We got the 1031 value we wanted without the headaches.

Gene Kissane
Apartment Community Owner
This deal came together entirely because of The Beery Rainsberger Group and their amazing work ethic and command of the financials. They really knew their stuff and did the leg work on the finances to convince the buyer that there was good money to be made. I'm excited to be able to focus on my other businesses.

Justin Jackrel
President/Founder, Bintelli Scooters
There are very few people I come across in the business world these days that I can honestly say I would trust with my life. I met Beau when searching for a property to expand my business. While we wound up not doing the second location after all, it was the best decision I had made to go out and look, as it landed me the best realtor in Gainesville (and honestly probably in Florida), and now someone who also I can call my friend. Beau will go to bat for you when other realtors won't. On my commercial space that Beau successfully leased, we had several tenants back out on us... but that didn't discourage Beau. He and his team worked harder and went out of their way to ensure we found a quality tenant. They constantly went above and beyond what I expected. Beau is the type of guy that will help you negotiate a lower price (thus lowering his commission), just because he fights for every client he has.

For more information about Bintelli Scooters, visit their website: http://www.bintelliscooters.com

Douglas Pratt
Vice President, Modern Capital Solutions
Beau and his partner Todd Rainsberger have their real estate signs just about everywhere you look in these parts of Florida. Beau is a good source for commercial real estate market data that is helpful to me as a banker. He is personable, hard working, and is easily reachable. I highly recommend them to find or sell a commercial property.

For more information about Modern Capital Solutions, visit their website: http://www.moderncapitalsolutions.com/

Dean R. Cheshire
Owner/Developer, Cheshire Companies
It's critical to get great performance from your Realtors, it's not easy to find a team that really knows how to get deals done. As an added bonus, it is refreshing to truly enjoy doing business with the top performers. With the Beery Rainsberger Group, we get both.

For more information about the Cheshire Companies, visit their website: http://www.cheshirecompanies.com/

Heidi Seabloom
Apartment Community Owner
I cannot state strongly enough how wonderful it was to work with Beau Beery and Coldwell Banker MM Parrish. The property that I needed to sell was in poor condition and had many surprising glitches along the way that made it very difficult to sell. Beau marketed the property incredibly well and he definitely went the extra mile to get the most we possibly could out of the sale. I would highly recommend he and his firm as they were aggressive, easy to work with, and respectful in all their dealings.

Edgar Bohlen
Apartment Community Owner
Congratulations on the sale of my apartment complex!!!  It was a pleasure working with you. You were very professional. Let's do more deals.

Virginia and Wilshire Walkup
Apartment Community Owners
We were most impressed with BRG's style of selling and their persistence. They kept in touch with us for months before we considered selling the property, keeping us updated on the market and the buyers they were working with. They promised us they'd keep the property's availability discreet and they did just that. They took time to explain the value of our asset in the marketplace and how buyers evaluate acquisitions these days since we hadn't sold anything in a very long time. They got us very close to our asking price and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

David Bowler
Apartment Community Owner
I like the Beery Rainsberger model for selling commercial real estate (off market and direct to the buyer). This model sure beats the old model of exclusive listings and pocket listings and the shenanigans those produced. Beau and Todd make a good team.

Adam Bryan
Apartment Community Owner
Beau has a firm grasp of the multifamily market in North Florida and has been a dependable asset to me in growing my apartment portfolio in the Volusia County area. He is very responsive via phone, email or text when I need him and doesn't waste time getting pertinent information to either evaluate a deal or during a contract period to complete a transaction. I look forward to doing our next deal together.

For more information about Adam Bryan, visit: http://jjflorida.com/

Andrew Gordon
Apartment Community Owner
I’m a demanding investor, but working with Beau Beery from The Beery Rainsberger Group was a pleasure from the first time he called me. While I've received similar calls from dozens of brokers in the past, I could tell Beau had a unique approach to bring me a solid buyer without having to take the listing public. I had a price goal in mind and BRG got it for me. I highly respect Beau's work ethic, his real world grasp of multi-family financials, his ferocious tenacity, and the ability to reach him 24/7. I look forward to our next deal together.

For more information about Andrew, visit: http://www.stratford.com

Leo Zorian
Commercial Real Estate Owner
I'm an out of state seller who didn't know the Gainesville market that well. I wanted to sell a vacant restaurant and sought out The Beery Rainsberger Group because I knew they represented McDonalds in the area and must be good. They proved to be beyond good. They almost immediately brought me several offers and helped me sort out which deal made the most sense. They helped me through multiple challenges with finesse and grace and ultimately got me a better price than I expected. Their communication was phenomenal and their knowledge and negotiating skill was amazing to watch. Most impressive, they passed up deals which would have made them more money in favor of a deal which made me the most money. You don't see that often.

Stacy Girouard
Speculative Land Investor
Hi Todd, I wanted to personally thank you and your team for everything you all did to help us finally close this project out. Having worked for over 7 years alone and the last 3 with Britton I thought we would never see the end……..all of this was such an exhilarating and fun experience. This has been a life changing event for Krissy and me, and I'm glad we chose you for our Realtor.

South Florida Apartment Investor
Beau and his team were very helpful, responsive, professional and effective in helping get this deal done for both parties. When issues arose, Beau did a great job of finding reasonable solutions which kept the deal on track and enabled us to close as scheduled.

Sheila Crapo
Vice President, Healthy Learning Academy
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help in acquiring the property at the Jockey Club for our charter school. Your professionalism and courtesy went above and beyond. Every time we met a roadblock in the process you were there to help guide us in the right direction. Who knew when we started it would take almost 6 months to go from contract to closing! Again I would like to thank you from our entire board at Healthy Learning Academy for your hard work and dedication. Without your knowledge and countless hours of work we would have never been able to realize our dream of owning our own building. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services as a realtor to anyone looking to purchase or sell commercial property in the Alachua County area.

For more information about Healthy Learning Academy, visit their website: http://www.healthylearningacademy.com/

Robert G. Priest
Managing Parter, REI Equity Partners
Thank you so very much for all of your professional effort, expertise and local market knowledge resulting in the successful leasing up of our long vacant retail unit. Not only did you professionally market the property, but you guided and assisted us with appropriate and cost effective improvements needed to fill the space for top dollar in a timely fashion. As a real estate professional myself, albeit from afar in this case, I know how tempting it can be to become complacent given the numerous demands upon our time. You folks were anything but! Simply, we are well satisfied with your efforts and results and will certainly retain you when the time comes to fill another unit.

For more information about REI Equity Partners, visit their website: http://www.reiadvise.com/

Timothy Becker, CCIM
Director, University of Florida Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies
Beau Beery is a true professional in the commercial real estate industry. His dedication and commitment is unparalleled not only to his clients but to the causes that he supports. He is a tremendous asset to the Bergstrom Center for Real Estates Studies and Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate Program. Beau constantly goes above and beyond to mentor, teach, and support our students. Additionally, he has provided great leadership in organizing and hosting regional events on behalf of the Bergstrom Center that continue to be the talk of the state. I would highly recommend Beau Beery as both you and your organization will be better off because of his participation and service.

For more information about the UF Bergstrom Center and the MSRE Program, visit: http://warrington.ufl.edu/graduate/academics/msre/

Phil Lambert
Apartment Community Owner
It was a pleasure working with Beau and Todd of the Beery Rainsberger Group (BRG). BRG convinced us that traditional mass marketing and email blasts would not be the most efficient approach for our properties. Instead, BRG's approach was to apply a good bit of plain old hard work, along with a solid list of proven buyers that they worked directly with. We were very pleased with the end result, and we would recommend BRG to other sellers.

Forest Willis
Apartment Community Owner
I was intimidated at the prospect of selling the apartments. The guys at BRG were extremely nice and very patient in their approach. They didn’t push me at all, but explained the selling process and the numbers in detail. I’m very happy with the price we got and how fast and smoothly the sale went.

Marc Andreozzi
Todd, hat tip to you in that I did make sure before we decided on this office condo that she meet in person or over the phone with all of the top commercial realtors and the funny thing is …..dressed in flip flops you blew them away! Your follow up/follow through is great as well as your succinctness. This means a lot to me because when it comes time in the near future for me to pull the trigger on some commercial stuff I just have to make a simple phone call!

Tracy Ross
Administrative Director, The Beery Rainsberger Group
I have had the distinct pleasure of working directly with Beau each and every day for just over a year now. I can honestly say that I have never worked with someone I respected as much as I do Beau. The words "hard" and "can't" do not exist in his vocabulary. He is thoughtful, genuine and full of integrity. There aren't many subjects he doesn't know about because he constantly quenches his thirst for knowledge. He has embraced technology and is fearless when it comes to hard work. There’s not a single recommendation of him that is exaggerated or enhanced in the least bit. His clients, colleagues, co-workers and friends will all agree that he is resourceful, dedicated, reliable and professional. His energy is contagious, and his contributions to the industry are unmatchable. What impresses me most is that he measures his success on the successes of others he helps. Beau’s work ethic makes my job pretty easy and more importantly satisfying. I foresee a long and mutually beneficial future for the both of us.

For more information about the Beery Rainsberger Group, visit: http://www.beautodd.com
Joshua Williams
Owner, J & S Commercial Services
Beau Beery is the most knowledgeable Real Estate professional in the Gainesville, FL market hands down. I am sure if you read other recommendations they will read the same. Over the course of the past 5 years working as a colleague of Beau’s he continues to impress me daily with his upbeat attitude and attention to the smallest of details. I would put my name on the line any day of the week to recommend Beau’s work. Beau-I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Laude Arnaldi
SVP/Senior Lending Officer, Citizens State Bank
Beau operates at a high level of integrity. He has become an excellent resource to me and his peers in the real estate market. His dedication to educating anyone who wants to learn about the real estate industry is second to none. Beau is very active in our community and he takes a long range approach to business relationships.

For more information about Citizens State Bank, visit their website: https://csbdirect.com/

Philip Kabler
Senior Council, Bogin, Munns & Munns, P.A.
I am pleased to offer this recommendation on behalf of Beau Beery. In my opinion, Beau is the ‘Go-To’ person for the marketing of commercial property. Objectively, his CCIM designation and MSRE degree well-qualify him to understand the business, regulatory, and legal issues concerning real estate development and transactions. Beau has the strongest “second nature” marketing sense I have yet observed. He is a master of business communications and thoughtful networking, and I learn from him about these matters every day. Beau is quickly becoming the “dean” of the local commercial real estate community, and with the passage of time I fully expect his reputation will expand throughout the region and the entire state of Florida.

For more information about Bogin, Munns & Munns, P.A., visit their website: http://www.boginmunns.com/home

Bill Emerson
Partner, Emerson Appraisal Company, Inc.
As a commercial real estate appraiser for over 28 years in the North Florida area I have had the opportunity to work with Beau Beery on many occasions. His knowledge and insights concerning the commercial leasing and sales market have been of great assistance in my appraisal practice and to his clients. Beau has that combination of experience, judgment and persistence which is needed in today's commercial real estate market for success. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs commercial leasing or brokerage services in the North Florida Region.

For more information about Emerson Appraisal Co., Inc. visit their website: http://emersonappraisal.com/

John Crossman
President, Crossman & Company
Beau is one of the best brokers in the state. He is hard working, intelligent, and client focused. I highly recommend him.

For more information about Crossman & Company visit their website: http://www.crossmanco.com/

J Parrish
President, Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish
Beau Beery represents the pinnacle of our industry. He operates always with the highest level of integrity, and he brings tremendous value to every transaction. It's a real privilege to work with Beau -- he is a true master of the deal.

For more information about Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish visit: http://www.mmparrish.com

Rory Causseaux
President, Causseaux, Hewett & Walpole, Inc.
It would have been easier to choose all 7 of the listed character attributes (great results, personable, expert, good value, on time, high integrity and creative) that best describe Beau than to narrow the selection down to only three of the listed attributes (personable, expert, and creative) because Beau clearly processes all seven attributes. I met Beau 11 years ago when he was in school and working as a rental agent at a local residential apartment community. I thought then that Beau's big and bright ideas would be brought down to reality once he completed his education and got into the "real" world. Well I was wrong. Beau has turned his big and bright ideas into reality through his tireless dedication to his profession and his drive for success and perfection. I have been and continue to be very impressed with Beau's work ethic, gain in knowledge, contribution to the profession, dedication to make a difference, his attention to the long-term components, and the personal/professional growth that has come from allot of effort and hard work. Beau has earned each and every acronym title that follows his name and in the process is the poster person for each of the institutions he represents. I am glad to know Beau and more so to call him a friend and colleague.

For more information about CHW visit their website: http://www.chw-inc.com/

Melanie Shore
Formerly SVP, M&S Bank
As a banker, Beau Beery is someone we heavily rely on for validation of commercial values on a macro sense in Alachua County. Beau's knowledge of the office and retail real estate market is unsurpassable.

Betsy Whitaker
President, Asset Management Inc.
I have known Beau Berry for over 10 years. Beau exemplifies all one would want in a commercial real estate broker. He stays on top of every aspect of the commercial real estate industry and is a true leader in his field. He has been honored with several prestigious awards. His integrity is above reproach. I would recommend him without reservation. He knows the business and the market.

Andy Hogshead
COO, The Collier Companies
Beau is very, very good at getting people together and has a gift to getting them to work together as a team. He uses it widely, at work, in his personal life and on behalf of the MSRE program!

For more information about The Collier Companies visit their website: http://www.colliercompanies.com/

Deborah Butler
President, S. Clark Butler Properties Corporation
2010 Dean of Commercial Real Estate Award — Congratulations Beau. This is well deserved. You make such a great difference in our community.

For more information about S. Clark Butler Properties visit their website: http://www.shopatbutler.com/

Bettianne S. Ford
President, Healthy Learning Academy Board of Directors
The board of Healthy Learning Academy would like to thank Todd for his ongoing assistance throughout the several months it took for us to purchase the Jockey Club building for our school. His knowledge, patience and guidance, not to mention the time he spent, have all been so helpful and encouraging, especially when we kept coming up against new requirements, discoveries and issues. He was there every step of the way and we truly appreciate his professional support. Our board can certainly feel comfortable recommending Todd as a skilled realtor to others seeking to buy or sell commercial property.

For more information about Healthy Learning Academy visit their website: http://www.healthylearningacademy.com/

Kaela Altman
Coordinator, Commercial Real Estate, National Association of Realtors
In Fall, 2010 NAR Commercial was able to recognize Beau Beery’s outstanding contributions to the commercial real estate industry in our national publication, Commercial Connections. Since then, we have collaborated on a number of projects and Beau was even featured in NAR Commercial’s Podcast series. Beau is charismatic, kind, intelligent and an absolute pleasure to work with. His extensive knowledge and can-do approach solidifies him as the dictionary definition of “professional”. I am happy to offer this recommendation.

For more information about NAR visit their website: http://www.realtor.org/commercial

Patrick Hagen
Formerly Business Development Manager, The Entrust Group
I’ve known Beau both personally and professionally for six years. I’ve always been very impressed with his professionalism and his drive. I’ve also been impressed with the professional presence he has developed in the Gainesville real estate community. I moved from Gainesville to St. Louis in the spring of 2012 to open an office of The Entrust Group. My clients buy and sell real estate through their IRA/401(k) and as a result I network with a lot of real estate professionals. As I began building my business in St. Louis I thought to myself, “I need to find the Beau Beery of St. Louis”. In my mind Beau is the model for a well-connected, proficient, successful commercial real estate professional. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a commercial Realtor in the Gainesville market.

For more information about the Entrust Group visit their website: https://www.theentrustgroup.com/

Rabbi Tony and Marilyn Arroyo
Kehilat Kol Simcha Congregation
I want you to know how grateful we are for all you did and tried to do for us. Your work is excellent and you were a joy to work with. Your effort and hours spent on our behalf did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

For more information about the Kehilat Kol Simcha Congreation visit their website: http://www.kolsimcha.org/

Daniel Burkhardt
NAI Hallmark Partners
I recently met Beau as a student in UF’s Master of Science in Real Estate program. Beau is a dedicated alumnus of the program, and volunteers a significant amount of his time to assisting students in all aspects of their Real Estate careers and education. I was very pleased to hear today that Beau was elected as the newest addition to the Bergstrom Center Real Estate Advisory Board. This is a well deserved honor for Beau. He has been a great asset to several generations of UF students, and has made a lasting positive impact on the program and on Florida’s Real Estate industry.

For more information about the NAI Hallmark Partners visit their website: http://www.naihallmarkpartners.com/

James Glover
Circle Property Consultants
I recently met Beau as a student in UF’s Master of Science in Real Estate program. Beau is a dedicated alumnus of the program, and volunteers a significant amount of his time to assisting students in all aspects of their Real Estate careers and education. I was very pleased to hear today that Beau was elected as the newest addition to the Bergstrom Center Real Estate Advisory Board. This is a well deserved honor for Beau. He has been a great asset to several generations of UF students, and has made a lasting positive impact on the program and on Florida’s Real Estate industry.

For more information about the Circle Property Consultants visit their website: http://www.circlepc.com/

Ryan Thompson
CMBS Analyst, Spring 11, LLC
I was fortunate enough to meet Beau during my time as a Master of Science in Real Estate student at the University of Florida. His enthusiasm and dedication to the MSRE program and his profession are evident upon meeting him. Mr. Beery has been an incredible asset to me throughout my time in the program. He has constantly been a source of advice and guidance to my classmates and me. I have no idea where he gets the energy, but in addition to his daily work, he manages to prepare numerous events such as the Alachua County Real Estate Forum and the UF Beach Retreat. With the numerous awards and industry designations, as well as his recent admittance to the UF Real Estate Advisory Board, I highly recommend Mr. Beau Beery.

For more information about the Spring 11 visit their website: http://www.spring11.com/

Don Allen
OrangeTheory Fitness
Even though it's been quite a while since I've worked with Beau, he has never been far from my thoughts. Beau may have looked to me as a leader or "supervisor" in our days at GHFC but he was a role model to me in many ways. To this day, I have admiration for Beau's energy, work ethic and integrity. It's obvious, based on his professional accomplishments, that Beau has not only leveraged those abilities but continued to develop them. It's common for people with great natural gifts to "rest on their laurels", not Beau. I recall him coming in every day hungry to learn and improve. His positive attitude and high energy were an inspiration to the entire staff. Beau would be an asset to any team, in any industry. Please let me know if I can provide further information about Beau.

For more information about the Orange Theory Fitness visit their website: http://www.orangetheoryfitness.com/

Andy Fink
Development Manager, The Vestcor Companies, Inc.
Beau Beery has been a great asset for me, along with other students going through the MSRE program at the University of Florida. So it wasn’t a surprise to learn earlier today Beau was named to the UF Real Estate Advisory Board. This is a great honor that places him with the top industry professionals from around the state. I know with his induction to the Advisory Board he will continue to inspire and help young professionals achieve their goals.

For more information about the Vestcor Companies visit their website: http://www.vestcor.com/

Kyle Bateh
Investment Associate, Cortland Partners
I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interact with Beau over the last year while working toward my Master's in Science of Real Estate degree at UF. Beau has been an integral part of the mentoring I received while studying in Gainesville. His passion for what he does is evident from the moment he walks in the room. His willingness to give of his time and propensity to interact with and mentor students is unparalleled. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know Beau, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him down the road in my commercial real estate career.

For more information about Cortland Partners visit their website: http://www.cortlandpartners.com/

Tom Morgan
Vice President, SVN Investec Services
As a young professional and student at the UF MSRE program, I've been very fortunate to learn from a successful broker such as Beau Beery. Beau is not only a highly successful Broker in Gainesville, Fl but a great mentor and adviser to students of the program. In addition to his relentless work effort, Beau has taken a great deal of time to help students like myself learn invaluable lessons that only come from experience in the industry.

For more information about Investec Services visit their website: http://www.svn.com/

Mary D. Fletcher
Realtor/Broker Fletcher Realty Services
Beau, Richard joins me in congratulating you on such an honor (Real Estate Advisory Board). You are such a wonderful influence on so many. We think you are pretty "up scale"! Lots of luck and good wishes to you.

For more information about Fletcher Realty Services visit their website: http://www.fletcherrealtyservices.com/

Michelle Brooke
Managing Director, Savills Studley Occupier Services
Beau truly defines what it means to bring passion to your career. I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone as enthusiastic, innovative and driven as Beau, who is also willing to help others and give back in any way possible. He has a natural talent for building strong relationships within the industry and continuously demonstrates that opportunities are endless. The University of Florida’s Masters in Real Estate program is extremely fortunate to have Beau as a supporter of the students and the curriculum. As a UF MSRE graduate student, I can say that Beau has selflessly dedicated numerous hours to be a mentor, teacher and motivator to each of us in this program.

For more information about Savills Studley visit their website: http://www.savills-studley.com/

Tyler Minix
Associate, Avison Young
I first met Beau Beery during my studies at the University of Florida’s Master of Science in Real Estate program. He is truly passionate in every sense of the word. Whether he is helping out one of his many mentees or representing one of his clients. I am reminded of a quote by Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” And Beau has made it a habit to repeatedly strive for excellence in his professional relationships, his mentoring, and his career. I highly recommend Beau for any real estate or business transactions.

For more information about Avison Young visit their website: http://www.avisonyoung.com/

Leonard Sprague
President, Leonard Sprague Construction
I met Beau Beery in 1998 while we were both still attending the University of Florida. Other than my wife, I believe Beau Beery is the single most important contact I've made in Gainesville to date. It never surprises me to hear people describe him the same way. They'll say he's honest, hard working, trustworthy, and generally a great person to know. It's all true! But Beau is much more than that, he's the whole package. He's also smart, patient, helpful, energetic, and a pleasure to associate work with. Whenever I have a real estate question or need advice, I turn to Beau. I trust him and value his council and expertise. I highly recommend Beau Beery without reservation or exception. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Beau Beery, do it! You'll be glad you did.

For more information about Leonard Sprague Construction visit their website: http://leonardsprague.com/

Daniel Drotos
Commercial Agent, Team Ryals, Bosshardt Realty Services
I had the privilege of meeting Beau during my time as a Master of Science in Real Estate student at the University of Florida. His passion and dedication to the program and the real estate industry were evident from day 1. Along with running his company, Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors, he somehow finds the time to mentor a class of 20 students, prepare events such as the Alachua County Real Estate Forum and UF Beach Retreat, as well as consistently rack up some of the most prestigious awards and designations in the industry today. Did I mention that his quarterly leasing report is the premier market analytics report for the area, one in which he provides free of charge to everyone, including his direct competitors? I will be forever grateful to Beau for his help in landing me my first real estate position, one which has provided me with a solid foundation and will undoubtedly help springboard me into a long and prosperous career. The UF real estate program and the overall industry are lucky to have a true professional such as Beau and I look forward to working with him in the future.

For more information about Team Ryals at Bosshardt Realty Services visit their website: www.teamryals.com
Daesun Kim
TS Holding Group, Inc.
Beau was my peer mentor while I pursued my Real Estate Master's Degree at the University of Florida. I could not have asked for a better mentor during my time in Gainesville. He was always able to arrange time to assist me and my fellow classmates. Beau is the most well developed networking professional I have ever met. He has a strong work ethic, industry knowledge, and commitment that have undoubtedly contributed to his success. I look forward to keeping in touch.

Joshua Weisenfeld
Associate, LNR Property LLC 

As a former student in the University of Florida’s Master of Science in Real Estate program, I had the honor and pleasure to interact with Beau numerous times. Beau selflessly gives back to the program by mentoring its students. Learning from Beau has been a very valuable part of my experience thus far. Beau is extremely passionate about commercial real estate, and he constantly seeks additional knowledge to cultivate his expertise. Witnessing the intensity of his work ethic and his relentless dedication to excellence has been a true inspiration to me. He has set a strong example for me to follow in my own career. Beau is exceptionally hardworking, honest, knowledgeable, focused, and energetic. I recommend him to anyone looking to work with a true real estate professional that possesses the knowledge, experience, and skills to get the deal done.

For more information about LNR Property visit their website:  www.starwoodpropertytrust.com/

Sara Walsh
UF Graduate Real Estate Student
I met Beau Beery while studying at the University of Florida in the Masters of Science in Real Estate program. Mr. Beery has been a real asset to me in my pursuit of further education. He frequently takes personal time to mentor us students – giving advice, counseling, and guidance. His passion and drive to exceed expectations is inspiring. I highly recommend Beau Beery.

Shane Ross
2012 UF Graduate Real Estate Student
I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Beau on both the professional and academic side of the commercial real estate industry. His passion for the industry cannot be overstated. Beau’s enthusiasm and extremely strong work ethic shows in his ability to close deals consistently. Beau continues to display tremendous generosity towards the Master of Science in Real Estate students at the University of Florida, as he always makes himself available to answer questions and give advice. I would certainly recommend Beau, and encourage anyone looking to enter the commercial real estate industry to reach out to him – you will not be disappointed.

Eunice Coughlin
Owner, Simple Internet Strategies
Congratulations on becoming the CFO at MM Parrish and President of the Commercial division! What an exciting opportunity for you. You've already staked a claim in Gainesville as one of the most successful commercial realtors in town and I am sure you have great accomplishments ahead of you in your new position.

Seth Lane
Director of Development, Concept Companies
Beau Beery possesses a blend of talent, determination, experience, and expertise, which collectively allows him to excel in the competitive field of Commercial Real Estate. Beau consistently impresses the biggest players in the market with his remarkable professional abilities. From understanding market trends, to a cutting edge project-specific marketing plan, to seasoned negotiation assistance, Beau can add tremendous value to anyone looking to achieve goals within this industry. I would personally recommend Beau for anyone seeking top-tier guidance in the Commercial Real Estate field.

For more information about Concept Companies visit their website: www.conceptcompanies.net/

David Rattner
President, Blue Sky Holdings
Beau has an old school work ethic and has developed into a top producer and problem solver. I've worked with Beau for 8 years and I think Beau has grown to understand real estate and what it takes to create value as well as anyone. If Beau was working for a national brokerage firm such as CBRE or Jones Lang LaSalle, for example, I believe Beau would have been able to generate the deal volume to be ranked in their top 1% of production brokers nationally.

For more information about Blue Sky Holdings visit their website: www.rattner.us/

Aaron Bosshardt, CPM
President, Bosshardt Realty Services, Inc.
Beau is a rising star in the North Central Florida Commercial markets. His commitment to bettering himself as a professional is only outdone by his commitment to bettering his profession. He is one the select few to hold both a CPM and a CCIM designation. His education and professionalism shine through as he has earned a fantastic reputation among his clients, peers and colleagues.

For more information about Bosshardt Realty Services visit their website: www.bosshardtrealty.com

Kevin Ireland
Editor in Chief, Florida Realtors 
While it’s easy to praise Beau’s professionalism, integrity and knowledge, what impresses me the most are his energy and commitment to the commercial real estate community in Alachua County. From the annual real estate forum he developed, to his beach retreat, to his involvement with the Bergstrom Center for Real Estate, Beau does more to connect and educate Realtors and professionals in affiliated industries than anyone I know. The real estate community, and the community at large, is lucky to have him.

For more information about Florida Realtors visit their website: www.floridarealtors.org/

Anne Metz
Owner/Broker, Metz & Company, Inc.
Beau's intelligence, enthusiasm, and integrity are a welcomed breath of fresh air in this industry. While ambitious, he is selfless and has shown a rare dedication to the betterment of those that work with him. I believe he is a rare gem and I consider it a privilege to know him and work with him.

Rohit Srivastava
Real Estate Analyst, Raymond James
You meet Beau and I bet you will remember him forever. Beau comes as an extremely friendly personality and at the same time impresses with his impeccable professionalism. I have known Beau since 2010 and since been impressed by his ideas and passion towards everything he does. For all those who know (and very few who don't know him) Beau has consistently scaled newer heights in all facets of life. I wish him all the best and also thank him for his dedication towards the Real Estate program at University of Florida.

For more information about Raymond James visit their website: www.raymondjames.com/

Scott Hardeman
Vice President, CRESA Atlanta
Beau is as good as it gets, in all facets of commercial real estate. He is a personable professional. There is no one in the business that I could better recommend.

For more information about CRESA visit their website: www.cresa.com

Ken Guthrie
Agent, Johnson & Fletcher Insurance, Inc.
After years of working with Beau, I know these will be some of the benefits you will enjoy; Acceptance, Appreciation, Attention, Action, Achievement, and Approval. No task too big or too small for him. Need some help; he is the one to go to! With greatest admiration and respect, Ken.

For more information about Johnson & Fletcher Insurance visit their website: www.jfinsurance.net/

Shantavia Anderson
Member Services Specialist, Florida Credit Union
Beau is a hardworking individual who will burn the midnight oil to get the job done. I highly recommend Beau Beery!!!!!!!

For more information about Florida Credit Union visit their website: www.flcu.org

Joyce Dorval
VP Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Trend Realty
Beau has assisted me in finding lease space for customers as well as chairing the Commercial Real Estate Council during my term as President of the Gainesville Alachua County Association of REALTORS. He is very knowledgeable, detailed oriented and committed to his field and customers. He would be an absolute asset to assist you in a leasing or commercial capacity. In 2010 he started an annual Town Hall style meeting in Gainesville to bring the "top dogs" in the commercial sales and leasing arena to advise on the local market and share their knowledge with their peers and the public. As the saying goes, "Beau knows"!

For more information about Berkshire Hathaway Trend Realty visit their website: www.trendrealty.com

Michael Steinberg
Co-Chairman, The Prestige Group
Beau is someone who has superior knowledge and understanding of the commercial real estate market; someone others look to for advice. In addition, Beau has a strong sense of selflessness; often coming up with ideas to benefit others in the commercial real estate practice, and is a strong and effective leader as demonstrated by his role as the head of the Commercial Council of Realtors at GACAR. He has brought a new sense of excitement and relevant information to the group. On top of all said above, it is always a pleasure to speak to Beau due to his constant positive outlook.
Gerald J. Kirkpatrick, J.D., LL.M.
Corporate & Government Services, Coldwell Banker Commercial
You are indeed the Dean of Commercial Real Estate in Gainesville/Alachua County. I really appreciate all that you do to enhance our professional community. Many thanks.
Breck Weingart
President, Charles Perry Construction
Congratulations on your recent promotion to VP at AMJ! It has been a pleasure to watch your development over the last few years. I wish you continued success. We need more young professionals like you to carry the torch for the next couple of decades. Let the young lion roar!

For more information about Charles Perry Construction visit their website: www.cppi.com

Mindy Wilson
Florida Realtors/NAR Coordinator 
I’m very pleased and excited to inform you, on behalf of President Wendell and the Florida Realtors Leadership Team, that your request as been approved. The Leadership team met yesterday and reviewed your application, supporting materials and the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of REALTORS (GACAR) recommendation for support. The LT directive approves the submission of the application on your behalf for the 2010 National Awards Recognition Program from NAR Commercial, in the absence of the local association currently not being RCA Accredited. In the coming days, your application will be submitted by Florida Realtors to NAR Commercial. A confirmation of submission will be sent out to your attention. As an added note, the stellar recommendation received from GACAR and your commercial achievements speak volumes! We highly encourage you to join us at the state level! Your active participation and involvement at Florida Realtors with our Commercial Alliance committee and other arenas is greatly welcomed. Look forward to speaking with you in the near future!

For more information about the National Association of Realtors (NAR) visit their website:  www.floridarealtors.org/

Leo Tamburini
Owner, Tamburini Solutions
Beau is competent and professional in what he does. You will not find another as honest and passionate about his work and relationship with clients, customers, employees, etc. One of a kind.

David Whitney
Instructor, UF College of Engineering
Beau Beery places his clients and their needs before his own, which makes Beau the best – the best! – at delivering excellent client service. Beau epitomizes integrity, honesty and professionalism in every way. I know of no one else capable of operating at Beau’s level of commitment and dedication to his clients, colleagues and profession.

For more information about the UF College of Engineering visit their website:  www.eng.ufl.edu/

Lee Crane
Owner, Lee Crane Insurance Agency, Inc.
Beau is a real professional in every respect. He's knowledgeable, competent and a true pleasure to work with.

For more information about Lee Crane Insurance visit their website: www.leecraneins.com/

David C. Wilson
Market President, Renasant Bank
Beau is a true professional. He combines an understanding of the project economics, pays attention to those nagging details in the paperwork and has the people skills to make it happen.

For more information about Lee Crane Insurance visit their website: www.renasantbank.com/

Andy Wilcox
Commercial Insurance, McGriff-Williams Insurance
Beau is a wealth of knowledge in retail and office space. His attention to detail, continued research, and excellent knowledge of the local real estate market makes him a great contact and sounding board for anything pertaining to real estate.

For more information about McGriff-Williams Insurance visit their website:  http://mcgriffwilliams.com/

James Izzo
President, The 1220 Group
Beau is one of the best professionals at achieving greater value and higher performance for buildings, projects and portfolios. His professionalism, expertise, experienced record and work on all types of transactions make him a valuable member of the team. He has our endorsement and full support in all his efforts to create success.

For more information about The 1220 Group visit their website: www.1220group.com/

Linda Hagan
Commercial Account Manager/Agent, Scarborough Insurance
I've had the privilege of working with Beau for many years and always found him to be well organized and prompt in response to anything I’ve asked of him. It’s a pleasure seeing his growth within his profession as he’s taken over and grown the management division of AMJ. His approach is very personable, direct and professional which is refreshing. I have no doubt that you'll find the same when you work with him.

For more information about Scarborough Insurance visit their website: http://scarins.com/

Jim McKenney
Principal, Hogtown Holdings
I have had the pleasure to know and work with Beau for many years. Both as a Business Partner and a man I admire so many of Beau’s qualities. He is a creative problem solver, a strategic thinker and a “get it done” kind of guy. His contributions as a leader in the community and our industry have truly made a difference. In addition to his capabilities and contributions, Beau are has remarkable interpersonal skills. Clients want to do business with him, companies want him on their team and competitors respect and admire his abilities. I could go on and on about Beau, but the one thing that impresses me most about him is his integrity. He is honest, loyal, genuine and trustworthy. He’s a great friend and partner. Bottom line... Beau Knows!
Pam DeMichele
Director of Admissions & Student Services, University of Florida
Beau has been working with me to enhance the University of Florida Friends and Alumni of Real Estate (UF-FARE) organization and UF Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies since he graduated from our MS in Real Estate (MSRE) program. As Director of the Gainesville-Ocala region, Beau has been tireless in his effort to promote the organization, mentor our MSRE students and organize great events for industry professionals and graduate real estate students. Beau has amazing energy and an upbeat personality that makes him a pleasure to work with, and his work ethic is such that working with him is never a disappointment. I give Beau my highest recommendation with no reservations.

For more information about the MSRE program at UF visit their website: http://warrington.ufl.edu/graduate/academics/msre/

Tanya Chappell
Owner/Broker, Secure Investments Realty and Management Corp.
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Beau Beery over the past several years and have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. It is rare to find the combination that you have in Beau. Someone that is intelligent, compassionate and selfless in is dedication to his profession. Beau is always eager to help improve the professionalism of the market in which he works. He continues to push himself to constantly to learn and improve and he encourages others around him to do the same. We are all very lucky to have Beau in our market.

For more information about Secure Investments Realty visit their website: www.secureinvestmentsrealty.com/

Don Emerson
President, Emerson Appraisal Company, Inc.
Beau Beery is a knowledgeable and highly motivated real estate professional who does his homework.

For more information about Emerson Appraisal visit their website: http://emersonappraisal.com/

Patrick Hagen
Small Business Banker, Gateway Bank of Central Florida
I met Beau about five years ago and I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and character. As I began to connect with business owners and decision makers here in Gainesville I was struck by how many knew Beau and had positive things to say about him. He truly has his hand on the pulse of the local commercial real estate market and has earned the respect of the local business community. The more I work with Beau the more impressed I am in his knowledge and work ethic. He is a stand up guy that works hard, produces and does things the right way.

Alonzo Perkins
President, Alonzo Perkins, Inc.
I've known Beau for more than five years. During those five years he has exhibited a professionalism that I admire. He is extremely knowledgeable and makes himself available whenever I need verification of information. Anyone having an opportunity to work with him is blessed by his cooperative attitude and knowledge.

Mike Hastings
Realtor, Dawn Realty
I have worked with Beau on a number of projects throughout the years. His expertise and knowledge of our industry are invaluable. He's always a pleasure to work with and I have all the confidence in him when recommending Beau to my commercial clients.

For more information about Dawn Realty visit their website: http://dawnrealtygroup.com/

David Menet
Salter, Feiber, P.A.
I have known Beau personally and professionally for several years. Few can match his enthusiasm and intensity for work. We have represented clients both on the same side and on the opposite side of transactions. In all cases, he has displayed very high character and professional respect for the parties and for the transaction.

For more information about Salter, Feiber visit their website: http://www.salterlaw.net/

Bob Muni
Realtor, The Corrigan Group, Keller Williams
I have known Beau as a friend and client for almost 10 years. Beau has grown from a recent graduate from UF with a bright future to being a key component it building a bright future for Gainesville and the surrounding area. He has earned in a very short time the utmost respect of all those in the real estate community for his keen business sense, astute analysis of the markets, hard work and the integrity with which he conducts all his dealings, whether business or personal. I give Beau the highest recommendation if you have need of his services in the commercial real estate market or just as a great guy to get to know.

For more information about The Corrigan Group at Keller Williams visit their website: http://www.thecorrigangroup.com/

Brian Miller
Insurance Rep, Pharmacists Mutual Insurance 
Beau is a great asset to any organization looking to grow their market presence with an outstanding, dedicated professional. It's never a second question to trust in Beau in his day to day job responsibilities but also the things that are well outside of the norm and go well beyond the basic call of duty. Beau always has the positive attitude and to get things done fast with the credentials to back it. I strongly recommend Beau.

For more information about Pharmacists Mutual Insurance visit their website: http://www.phmic.com/Pages/Home.aspx

Kristen Hadeed
Founder, Student Maid
Beau Beery is an asset to the Gainesville community. He is one of the hardest workers I know and is, without a doubt, an expert in his field. He is known for being a real go getter and is widely respected by the members of this community. Even better, he works hard to help OTHERS succeed. Beau has certainly helped me in my business (Student Maid) by connecting me to the right people, and I know he has helped other Gainesville entrepreneurs as well. His innovative approach to real estate is admirable and something we can all learn from. If you don't know Beau, get to know him. Highly recommended!

For more information about Student Maid visit their website: http://studentmaid.com/

Grace Lambert Horvath
VP Services, CPAmerica International
Beau Beery, simply put, is an asset to our industry. From his commitment to professionalism, to his understanding and expertise in the field in which he constantly strives to contribute not only for his own success, but to the benefit of all those he works with, Beau brings a combination of intelligence, integrity and attitude that not only fosters your trust and confidence, but makes doing business with him a pleasure.

For more information about CPAmerica International visit their website: http://www.cpamerica.org/

Whitaker Leonhardt
Associate Director, Retail Investment Sales, HFF
Beau has a passion for the real estate business and is truly committed to his clients. Beau is also a student of the profession and loves to soak up knowledge and share it with others. I'd recommend Beau as one of the best real estate professionals in the entire state of Florida.

For more information about HFF visit their website: www.hfflp.com/default.aspx

Jeff Reader
VP, Reader & Partners
I met Beau through UF’s Masters of Science in Real Estate program during my time in Gainesville. I can't say enough about him as an individual. Beau’s strong work ethic, industry knowledge, and commitment have undoubtedly contributed to his success. He spends countless hours giving back to students through mentorship programs, presenting industry case studies, and organizing great networking events. Beau is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to commercial real estate within the Gainesville/Alachua market and beyond. I look forward to the opportunity of working with him in the future.

For more information about Reader & Partners visit their website:  http://www.readerpartners.com/

Sydney Morris, CAPS, CPM
Senior Regional Manager, Equity Lifestyle Properties
Beau was an outstanding colleague and has always been very motivated, diligent, and focused. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, astute business acumen, and he is a strategic planner. His forward thinking and creative solutions along with all of the other qualities mentioned enable Beau the successes he has achieved thus far and any challenges he would chose to take on in the future.

For more information about ELS visit their website at: www.equitylifestyleproperties.com
Michael McCaskill
Valuation Analyst, Colliers International 
I first had the privilege of meeting Beau during my time in the Master of Science in Real Estate program at the University of Florida. He impressed me from the day I met him with his professionalism and wealth of knowledge regarding commercial real estate, especially in the Florida market. Beau is a first class communicator and excels at whatever he undertakes. One only has to look at what he has achieved to realize he would be an asset to any deal. He is gracious with his time, giving back to the students and other industry organizations and is a true leader in his marketplace. It is my pleasure to recommend Beau without reservation.

For more information about Colliers, visit their website at:  www.colliers.com/en-us/us

Eric Parrs
Investment Sales Associate, Crossman & Co. 
Beau Beery has earned himself a fantastic reputation in the Gainesville area. Beau’s work ethic and passion for commercial real estate are second to none. Furthermore, my peers and I knew we could always count on Beau to come through for us whenever we needed.

For more information about Crossman & Co., visit their website at: www.crossmanco.com/

Bartow McDonald IV
Managing Director, Sperry Van Ness/Sky Commercial Real Estate
I trust Beau Berry and greatly value his insight into the Gainesville market. He is a thought leader and I always appreciate his creativity on deals.

For more information about SVN, visit their website at:  www.svn.com/

Danny Urbisci
Global MBA Student, Hong Kong 
While in Gainesville during my undergraduate and graduate studies in real estate at the University of Florida, Beau was my go-to guy for anything commercial real estate. From cap rates to contacts, he knows the area better than anyone, and is awesome at what he does. Without reservation, I recommend Beau as a commercial broker.

Daniel Solomon
Vice President, Katz & Associates
I have known Beau for several years and he is an absolute commercial real estate expert in the Gainesville and Ocala markets. As a tenant rep who works with several national retailers, I regularly look to Beau when it comes to servicing my clients in Alachua and Marion County. Beau is extremely intelligent, hard-working, articulate, and trustworthy. I always look forward to working with Beau and suggest others to do the same.

For more information about Katz & Associates, visit their website at:  www.katzandassociates.com/

Jim Traynor
Assistant Vice President Acquisitions, L & L Holding Co. 
Beau is an extremely knowledgeable and hard working professional. No one knows the Gainesville/ North Central Florida real estate markets or professionals better than him. I will definitely work with Beau in the future.

For more information about L&L Holding Co., visit their website at:  www.ll-holding.com/

Paul Vera
Vice President of Development at Providence One Partners
I have known Mr. Beery for many years. He is always polite and professional. His attributes are his knowledge and connections in the real estate industry, local and statewide. He is also very helpful in providing accurate market information, suggestion and introduction to local brokers whenever I ask. He is a nice person to do business with and a good friend to have. I strongly recommend Beau Beery to anybody without hesitation.

For more information about Providence One Partners, visit their website at:  www.providence-one.com/
Matthew Rice
Analyst - Commercial Valuations at Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
If professionalism is putting another’s interests ahead of your own, then Beau is the consummate professional. Beau sets a great example for others to follow. He is energetic, thorough and skilled in financial and market analysis. If you need advice on investment real estate or tenant representation in the Gainesville market, Beau and the AMJ firm should be on your short list.

For more information about Ocwen, visit their website at:  www.ocwen.com/

Yihuan Zhang
Associate, Rialto Capital 
I got to know Beau in 2010 when pursuing my MSRE degree in UF. He is a very active member of the UF Real Estate Community and has always been generous in advising/mentoring students. I was told for multiple times by industry professionals that whoever wants to learn the Gainesville market needs to contact Beau first and this was very well proved when my team worked on a project for the Development class.

For more information about Rialto Capital, visit their website at: http://rialtocapital.com/

Alejandro Gonzalez
Brokerage-Multifamily, Marcus & Millichap
Beau Beery is among the most professional persons I have met in several years. His commitment to the community, work, the university of Florida, and collegues is remarkable. In deed was a pleasure meeting him, and attend his annual event in Alachua County.

For more information about Marcus & Millichap, visit their website at:  http://www.marcusmillichap.com/
Brad Lord
Real Estate Investor
I’ve know Beau personally and professionally for over 10 years now. Beau has firsthand knowledge of commercial real estate. He has become a leader in the commercial real estate profession. He understands every aspect of the business and strives to provide the best solution for each of his clients. I would highly recommend Beau for all commercial real estate transactions.

Chris Poppell
Analyst, Piedmont Office Realty Trust
Beau Beery has a passion for real estate that is 2nd to none. His commitment to the Gainesville area and the University of Florida were immediately evident upon meeting him. His involvement with the Masters of Real Estate Program at UF provided the younger students with limited real world experience, such as myself, an indicator of the dedication and passion that are needed to succeed in this industry. Beau also shows integrity in all that he does and continues to be a great member of the community.

For more information about Piedmont, visit their website at:  http://www.piedmontreit.com/

Tyler Williams
Real Estate Manager, Art Van Furniture 
Beau was my peer mentor while I was pursuing my Real Estate Master’s Degree at the University of Florida. I could not have asked for a better mentor during my time in Gainesville, he was always able to arrange time to assist me and my fellow classmates. Beau is one of the best connected and hardworking professionals I have met, and I look forward to the day that we can do business together.

For more information about Art Van Furniture, visit their website at:  http://www.artvan.com

Samir Yajnik
Vice President, Encore Capital Management
I am a strong supporter of Beau for several reasons not limited to the fact he has strong commercial real estate market knowledge in the Alachua County and surrounding areas, is extremely hard working, is a good communicator, has a strong sense for how a building needs to look on the inside and out to get leased or sold (if Beau tells you that you need to do this, this, and that to get it leased or sold, I would encourage you to listen), is constantly coming up with out of the box marketing ideas, and is a strong and valued contributor to the industry as a whole by doing market reports, orchestrating forums, and teaching on the subject of real estate. Additionally, he is constantly giving back to the community through various mediums such as the numerous hours he dedicates to the University of Florida MS in Real Estate program.

For more information about Encore, visit their website at:  http://www.encorecm.com/

Kyle Wood
Executive Vice President, BishopBeale
Without doubt, Beau is one of the most well-respected hardest-working real estate professionals in Alachua County. His fundamental understanding of commercial real estate gives him the ability to not only close deals for his clients, but also act as an advisor who truly understands how to fulfill an owner/landlord’s goals whether short or long term. Beau has an incredible nationwide network and he is the first person that I call when working in the Gainesville / North Florida area.

For more information about BishopBeale, visit their website at:  http://bishopbeale.com/

Perry Synanidis
Senior Financial Analyst, Cushman & Wakefield 
Beau Beery was my peer mentor during my studies at UF. There is a variety of reasons why I wanted to become his apprentice however, his resourcefulness along with his passion to distinguish and succeed were probably the most important ones. Furthermore, Beau assisted me astonishingly well in both my academic obligations and my professional endeavor and I highly recommend him for any kind of collaboration. His high level of knowledge and experience combined with his indisputable professionalism automatically promotes him into a trustworthy professional.

For more information about Cushman & Wakefield, visit their website at:  http://www.cushmanwakefield.com/

Adam Vaisman
Director of Acquisitions, Butters Construction & Development
Beau has a knack for finding innovative ways to separate himself from the competition. Time and time again, I am impressed to see how he outperforms his peers.

For more information about Butters Construction, visit their website at:  http://butters.com/
Jason Hempel
Senior Financial Analyst, Schostak Brothers & Co. 
Beau always made a great impression on me and my fellow University of Florida Master of Science in Real Estate classmates. As a student, I appreciated the fact that Beau was always accessible and willing to take the time to get to know you and answer your questions. Beau is a graduate of the program too and his willingness to give back to the school through his sharing of time and experiences was invaluable to me.

For more information about Schostak Brothers, visit their website at:  http://www.schostak.com/

Jason Glaser
Analyst, Southeast Centers, LLC
I met Beau while completing my Masters of Science in Real Estate at the University of Florida. Over the course of the year I reached out to Beau an Alumnus of the MSRE program for advice and guidance. Beau not only took it upon himself to assist and guide me through the program, but also helped me land a job through one of his many contacts. Beau’s vast knowledge of the industry and commitment to excellence has made him a critical player within the commercial real estate industry. His diligent work ethic and drive are both traits that will undoubtedly lead him to even more success in the years to come. It has been a great pleasure to work with Beau and I look forward to the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Austin Peek
Principal, Riverstone RECAP 
I had the privilege of working for Mr. Beery as intern at AMJ in the summer of 2007. I can tell you that not only is Mr. Beery a gentleman but also a scholar. He took time out of his day to teach me the fundamentals of real estate. It was apparent through our working relationship that he also knew the Gainesville market better than anyone. If you are seeking real estate advice in the Gainesville market, Beau “The Dean of Real Estate” Beery is your man.

For more information about Riverstone visit their website at: http://riverstonerecap.com/

Gia Arvin
Broker-Associate, Matchmaker Realty
Beau is unparalleled in his professionalism, thoroughness, and commitment to his customers and profession. As President of the Gainesville/Alachua County Association of Realtors, I look to him for guidance and knowledge when it comes to the Commercial Real Estate Industry. He is constantly reaching out and learning new information to keep himself cutting edge in the Commercial sector, and giving back his expertise to the community.

For more information about Matchmaker Realty, visit their website at: http://www.matchmakerrealty.com/

David Cope
President, Cope Properties, Inc.
Beau has his finger directly on the pulse of the Gainesville commercial market. Plus he is an honest hard working guy!!!

Connie Covert
Appraiser, Covert Appraisal Services, Inc.
I highly recommend Beau Beery. He is highly professional, courteous and helpful to me in my work as an MAI appraiser. He is extremely knowledgeable about the trends in the markets he covers and gives generously of his time and energy to help other market participants in the industry. He is widely respected and has excellent follow through.

For more information about Covert Appraisal, visit their website at:  http://covertappraisal.com/

Craig Sainz
Doctor, Sainz Chiropractic
Beau is one of the most enthusiastic individual’s I know. He has enriched my life in many ways. I have seen Beau grow and change from GHFC to where his name is all over town with AMJ. What a true gift to our community!

For more information about Sainz Chiropractic, visit their website at: http://sainzchiropractic.com/

Carl Barraco, Jr.
Project Engineer, Barraco & Associates, Inc.
Beau is a very talented and innovative deal maker who is highly respected by his peers for his knowledge on his market area and the real estate industry as a whole. What sets Beau apart from his peers in the real estate industry is the passion he has for his work and his commitment to helping mentor the upcoming generation of real estate professionals. Beau is without a doubt a top notch professional.

Fore more information about Barraco & Associates, visit their website at:  http://barraco.net/

Jennifer Norbut
Director of Communications & Marketing, CORFAC International 
Because of your excellent marketing techniques, CCIM involvement, and innovative work style (who else has a treadmill desk?!), CIRE magazine staff would like to invite you to be profiled in the July/August 2010 issue’s CCIM Q&A column. Hopefully you’ve seen the CCIM Q&A column in past issues – we select one CCIM to interview about a specific business strategy, project, or other interesting topic and run a question/answer style interview with a photo and quote. It’s one of the magazine’s most popular and well-read columns. The column always appears on pages 12 and 13 of each issue.

For more information about CORFAC, visit their website at: https://www.corfac.com/
Steven M. Goodpaster, MRE
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser, Woodford & Associates, Inc.
Beau, I enjoyed listening to your NAR podcast interview. You represent yourself, the Center and the profession so very well. Have a great weekend and Go Gators!

Lawrence Calderon
Planner, Alachua County
Congratulations Beau; great recognition for your hard work and for putting Gainesville on the minds of more people.

Coleen DeGroff
REALTOR, Seide Realty
Hey Beau! Just heard the news! Congrats on being named the 2010 Dean of Commercial Real Estate….couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. You rock.

Gerald Kirkpatrick, JD, LL.M
Corporate & Government Services, M.M.Parrish/Coldwell Banker
In my mind, you have been the “Dean” for quite some time. No one has done more to elevate the level of commercial real estate practice in Gainesville. Well done!

Blake Fletcher
Commercial Acquisitions, Legacy Property Development
Beau’s wealth of knowledge and common sense make him an asset to any deal. I’ve enjoyed getting to know him over the years and would highly recommend him for any type of commercial real estate transaction.

Lorrie Jickell
Owner, BLACKADAR Insurance
Beau has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot and happening in today’s commercial real estate arena in and around the Gainesville area! His complete dedication, thorough analysis, and well earned savvy of commercial real estate make him an outstanding resource!

Mark Cohen
Owner-President-Broker, Eyemark Realty, Inc.
Beau is one of the most devoted realtors I have ever known. He has been a terrific Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Committee of the Gainesville-Alachua County Association of Realtors. He has given a tremendous amount of time and energy to advancing and increasing every member’s knowledge of the local commercial real estate market. In addition, he is a very friendly and considerate person. It has been a great pleasure to know and work with Beau.

Dan Byrnes
Assistant Vice President, Thomas D. Wood & Co.
I have had the privilege to serve with Beau as part of the UF-FARE (University of Florida’s Friends & Alumni of Real Estate) network’s leadership team. Beau serves as the Regional Director to the Gainesville arm of UF-FARE. He has been an integral part of the organizations growth and success. When it comes to the City of Gainesville, Beau is master of his domain. You will not find an individual with more market knowledge about Gainesville than Beau Beery. For any sales, leasing, or asset management needs in the Gainesville area I highly recommend Beau.

Craig Wilburn
Vice-President & Broker-Associate, Bosshardt Realty Services, Inc.
Beau has proven himself to be one of the most hardworking, creative, committed and knowledgeable professionals I have ever met in this industry. As full as his schedule is, he still takes the time to chair our commercial development committee on our local REALTOR association in Gainesville, FL on which I currently serve as a Director and will serve as Vice-President in 2010. If you have need of Beau's services and choose to contact him, you will not be disappointed!

Jim Fried
Sandstone Realty Advisors
Beau's top qualities are that he's personable, an expert in his field, and he has a high amount of integrity. Beau is hard working and professional. He can get it done for you!

Pierre Lemene
Realtor, Bosshardt Realty Services, Inc.
Beau is a great family man, very professional and resourceful. Any interactions with Beau will be a pleasant one.

Anna Leckel
Real Estate Consultant, Exit Realty
Beau is a professional who has displayed on more than one occasion his expertise and vision in his Real Estate Business. Beau is not your typical professional in Real estate. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to be associated with a go getter like Beau. I would strongly recommend Beau for any business transaction.

Don Hilliard
Sales Agent, Watson Realty Corp.
Beau is very knowledgeable in real estate and has very good organizational skills. You will never meet a more ethical or courteous person to do business with. I look forward to working with Beau in the future.

Abe Antonio-Jose
Beau is dedicated to his causes and community, his hard work is outstanding and his passion for Real Estate goes the extra mile. Beau’s market trends research have helped the Gainesville community to develop a local and efficient database. Beau’s dedication to the Bergstrom center for Real Estate and Nathan S. Collier M.S. in Real Estate program at the University of Florida is one of the greatest assets to the program. He is not afraid to share his precious time and knowledge to the youth of Real Estate. I highly recommend Beau Beery. His expertise will deliver the best outcome to any business.

Kurt Howell
Owner, Land Environmental Group
Beau is a strong and responsive manager who knows everyone. I think I know a bunch of people, but I think he has me beat. I have always liked his positive and responsive attitude and hope to work with him for a long time to come.

Larry H. Finkel
VP, BBO Central Florida, BBVA-Compass Bank
I have found Beau to be very knowledgeable in all areas of commercial real estate, sales, rental etc… He is prompt, and returns calls & e-mails which today is a rare find. Also, his leadership of the Gainesville Commercial Real Estate board always brings new and needed information for me to do my job better for all of my customers.

Clay Sweger
Principal, Director of Planning, Eng, Denman & Associates, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of working with Beau on several local projects and find him to be an extremely hard-working, knowledgeable and dedicated real estate professional. He also brings a personal touch to his business dealings that make him very responsive and trustworthy, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs the services of a real estate professional in Gainesville.

Leo Backer
Principal, Washington Partners, Inc.
Beau assisted me on an office lease assignment for a very important client of mine, SumTotal Systems, in Gainesville, Fl. Beau knows that market extremely well and was a huge asset in finding the right location and negotiating a favorable lease for my client. I would work with Beau in this market again if I have another requirement.

Jamie Kennedy
Licensed Assistant, Bosshardt Realty Services, Inc.
Beau is a great source of information for Commercial Real Estate in Gainesville. He has a vast array of qualifications and areas of expertise. He works hard to help those around him and offers his client the very best service possible.

Michael Augustine
President, Homestead Development Partners
Beau represents what a true professional should be. He’s hard working, organized, determined, and meticulous to all aspects and details of the task at hand. Beau is highly educated, loaded with credentials and designations, and has tons of practical experience; all of which makes Beau one of the current and future leaders in the real estate business.

Rick Cain
Director, Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group
Beau Beery is one of the top professionals in the field of commercial real estate in Gainesville, Florida. His commitment to his profession and the welfare of his clients is exemplified by his attaining the prestigious CCIM designation and the completion of his Masters Degree in Real Estate from the University of Florida. Beau is well respected by his peers, who have asked him to serve as our Chairman of the Gainesville/Alachua County Area Realtors Commercial Investment Committee. He is very personable and a pleasure to associate with, both professionally and personally. I would recommend Beau Beery without reservation or exception.

Pete Gaughenbaugh
Construction Superintendent, AMJ Inc.
Over the past several years Beau has been a pleasure to work with. His abilities in his field have produced several projects for my (construction) department, and his attentiveness to his clients ensures that they will be repeat customers.

Steven Smith
Real Estate Broker, Seber Associates, Inc.
As a leader of UF FARE and a top notch commercial real estate practitioner, Beau has been instrumental in helping the local CCIM district build relationships in Gainesville. He is a high quality individual with a passion for real estate. If he says yes to an assignment, you can count on it getting done.

Craig McCall
Prudential Trend Realty
Beau is a very talented, dedicated, intelligent and super nice guy. He has been, and continues to be, a very important member of the commercial real estate scene in Gainesville and the state of Florida. He is an active participant in GACAR and our commercial committee, of which he has served as chairman, FARE and UF. He stays on the cutting edge of new information as it pertains to real estate. I am proud to call Beau a friend and colleague, and with men and women such as him, our real estate community will continue to flourish.

Martha S. Kern
Agent, New York Life
Congratulations on receiving the 2010 NAR Commercial Award! Since meeting you over two years ago, I have enjoyed seeing you excel in the Gainesville market. From promotions to national awards, you’re setting this town on fire!