Expert Commercial Real Estate Advice

Is Low Balling a Good Strategy?

Is making a really low offer on a piece of commercial real estate a good idea? Listen to why Beau says it's actually a very bad idea.

Open Permits on Commercial Property

If you're selling or thinking of selling commercial real estate, any open permits can complicate or even prevent the deal from closing. Beau explains why and how you can avoid any problems.

Multifamily Pro-Forma Analysis

Whether you're a new real estate investor or well seasoned, this video podcast interview of Beau Beery for the Commercial Real Estate Pro Network is a must watch. The incredible detailed pro-forma investment tips he gives could save you millions over time.

Top 8 Reasons Multifamily is the Investment of the Future

Citing a 2016 study done by the National Apartment Association, Beau shares the top reasons he feels multifamily will be the investment of the future.

Calculating Offer Price Based on Required Return

As a commercial real estate and multifamily practitioner, this will be one of the most resourceful videos that you will watch for free. Beau Beery will walk you thru a series of calculations that will help any investor arrive at a purchase price based on that investors required rate of return. Whether you're a new or seasoned commercial broker, experienced investor, or savvy banker, this will be a great resource for you to assist in quickly assessing any investment.

Buyer NOI vs. Seller NOI

Detailed quantitative video on the stark differences between how sellers calculate Net Operating Income and how Buyers calculate Net Operating Income. The key is to help sellers understand how buyers and the lenders use market rate adjustments to determine value.

When Is Location More Important Than Price?

Excellent video that quantitatively describes why retailers, restaurants, and other businesses that depend on high traffic locations should focus more on the potential sales of that location and less on the rent.

The Cost of Losing a Commercial Real Estate Project

This is a very powerful video that all brokers should share with their customers. We walk landlords through how to quantitatively determine whether or not to accept a deal, and the real cost of that decision. The information is presented in a way that will be very surprising to most and will assist in explaining just how close a deal is even if on the surface it appears unsatisfactory. We urge you to forward this on to your colleagues.

Commercial Real Estate Negotiating Made Easy

A must see video for customers, clients, owners, landlords, and brokers about how to keep your head in the game;  keep ego out, think win win, don't insult, and much more when negotiating a commercial real estate transaction.

How To Cure A Real Estate Disease - Power Greed Syndrome

Beau Beery and Todd Rainsberger of Coldwell Banker Commercial M.M. Parrish discuss a very serious real estate disease known as "Power Greed Syndrome" or PGS. Find out what it is, how to diagnose it, and how to cure it. Find out how to deal with distressed sellers and landlords who begin negotiating as if they still have the power to do so.

Impact of Leverage on Commercial Real Estate Returns

Watch quantitatively how the use of leverage can effect real estate returns negatively or positively.

8 Key Clauses for Every CRE Contract

Find out 8 tips to consider in commercial real estate lease or sale contracts. Always consult your real estate attorney first on any concept discussed here.

Top 10 No-Nos for Sellers and Landlords

Find out the top 10 things sellers and landlords should avoid in real estate. They are quite simple but get violated on a regular basis. Don't become a statistic.

Land Valuation Factors

Hear from land lending and valuation expert Zak Seymour of Farm Credit of Florida discuss the many factors that contribute to the value of farm, ag, and timberland. It isn't just about a price per acre, there is so much more!

Determining List Price

A short video clip on all the factors commercial Realtors consider when pricing a property for sale or lease. It isn't as easy as just pulling comparable sales data. There is a science to it and the best agents run through all those factors before taking your property to market.

Time Kills Deal in Commercial Real Estate

One of the top deal killers in any real estate transaction is the passage of time between buyers and sellers and brokers during the negotiations. It is imperative that buyers and sellers respond to offers and counteroffers in a timely manner. When too much time has passed, people lose interest and begin looking elsewhere. Check out this video for some important tips to staying on track with time.


For sellers and brokers, don't oversell your listing before the buyer or tenant gets to the property. Learn why it is important not to inflect too much personal opinion about how great a property is because it can kill the deal before you even start. Hear a real life story to drive the point home.

Using a Single Realtor to Find Real Estate

For Tenants and Buyers, this video will save you tons of time and money driving all over the place randomly calling real estate signs and knocking on doors trying to find a property to buy or lease. Find out why it is essential to choose one Realtor and ONLY one Realtor to help you. Not doing so will cost you time and money, we promise. We will also tell you how to choose the Realtor that is right for you, it may not be as common sense as you think.

Using Land Use & Zoning Maps to Find Your Next Location

For Tenants and Buyers, this details which websites in Alachua County to visit in order to determine the type of land use and zoning you need to locate within in order to accommodate your specific use. Rather than driving all over town calling random for sale or lease signs and wasting tremendous amounts of time, you must first determine what zoning allows your use. Once you know the zoning then you check the zoning maps to see where in our county you should look. This will save you a lot of time and money, especially if your use is unique.

Top Principals & Rules of Buying Commercial Real Estate

Michael Warren, a mega successful developer and investor located in Gainesville, Florida, reveals the principals and rules he and his investor partners live by when making purchases of commercial real estate. Mr. Warren and team have purchased over $400M in real estate in the last 48 months and have never lost money on a deal. This 7 minute video can make you a lot of money if you practice what he preaches.

Best Practices For A CRE Loan Submittal

Great video on what a buyer of commercial real estate needs to submit to a lender and how the lender reviews and analyzes that information.

How Bankers Perform Pro-formas on Investment Property

Find out from Doug Pratt, VP of Commercial Lending for TD Bank, how bankers perform pro-formas on investment income properties that don't have actual expense data to evaluate. See the various percentages and indexes they apply in determining whether to loan on a project or not.

How Lenders Service a CRE Loan After Closing

Find out what lenders do and look for throughout the life of the loan after the loan has been made.

How to Fish For Commercial Real Estate Tenants

This is a short 5 minute video by Beau Beery and Todd Rainsberger on the most effective and efficient ways to find and secure commercial tenants for your vacant listings. Find out what you need to do before you even drop a line in the water. Once you start fishing for tenants, find out what bait you need to use and what casting techniques you need to be successful. The person with the biggest cast net and biggest variety of bait will catch the most fish (tenants). Be sure to watch through to the credits, a funny natural occurrence happened right at the end!

Contents of a Good Commercial Sale Investment Package

This is a short 5 minute video by Beau Beery on what important information should go in a good investment sale package. Your sale packages should be short and sweet or you'll lose investors' attention. Bigger is not better. Keep in mind good investors have 100 properties a day sent to them. They don't like to look through 45 pages of fluff. For the Lease Abstract and Tenant Descriptions I mention in this video, those are better to be kept as a separate document for when the buyer asks for more detailed information.

3 Tips to Landlords to Sell or Lease Fast

Todd Rainsberger of Coldwell Banker Commercial M.M. Parrish gives three tips to help landlords and sellers lease and sell their properties faster. "Make it look good, price it right, and get the right help."

Banker's Panel - Status of Industry

Here the latest status on the lending world from credit unions, big banks, small banks, SBA lenders, and ag lenders.

How to Overlay Logos on Aerial Maps

CRE News: An update on new proposed signage regulations by Keith Hazouri at Signarama
CRE Advice: Step by step on how to overlay company logos on to aerial maps using PowerPoint
Featured Listing: 7550 W. University Avenue medical office lease listing in the Tower Hill Office Park
Closed Listings: Closed office and retail transactions for October 2011.

Using to Source Tenants & Buyers

CRE News: An update on all the major planned developments in town and what stage they’re in (Super Wal-Mart, Celebration Pointe, Innovation Square, Springhills, Sante Fe Village, and Newberry Village)
CRE Advice: Step by step how to use to lease and sell commercial space
Featured Listing: 2610 Executive Centre office building at 2610 NW 43rd Street. Closed Listings
Closed office and retail transactions for September 2011.

Changes in the SBA 504 Loan Program

CRE News: Interview with Causseaux, Hewett, & Walpole’s Gerry Dedenbach regarding Innovation Gainesville’s Land Use Task Force
CRE Advice: Interview with Gateway Bank’s Laude Arnaldi regarding changes in the SBA 504 program and how commercial real estate owners can take advantage of the generous new changes
Featured Listing: Plaza Royale’s Suite 1-G next to Talbots and Chicos
Closed Listings: Closed office and retail listings for August 2011.