How We Market Your Property

Our team has spent many years and thousands of hours cataloging every single owner and buyer of commercial real estate in the specific markets we cover, personally speaking with and getting to know each one with the sole objective of learning how to create value in their operations. Through that process, we have mastered the acquisition criteria of thousands of buyers from all over the world. We find our customers prefer to utilize our services in one of two ways to sell their real estate assets. Our team is extremely experienced in both avenues.

  1. Our customers call our team to sell the asset in a private, off-market manner.  There are a myriad of reasons sellers choose this option, including not alarming staff, testing the market on price, or minimizing the intensity of a full-blown marketing campaign; Or,
  2. Our customers require a mass marketing campaign with global reach to expose the asset to as many buyers as possible. Our team utilizes every mass marketing tool available in order to quickly earn our customers the highest price possible. Our mass marketing style is intense, far-reaching, highly controlled, and includes weekly (sometimes daily), easy to read summaries for our selling clients on the results of the campaign thus far.

Below is a list of our most effective marketing tools:


We will mass email a teaser offering memorandum, a brief summary on the “story” of the deal, and a confidentiality agreement (CA) to our list of thousands of investors from around the globe. Once the CA is executed we will then follow up with protected financial information and additional commentary on the deal. Email blasts will be done throughout the campaign when appropriate.


Between our extensive reach on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as the tremendous multiplicity effect of the “sharing” feature by our followers, we often reach tens of thousands of people in a very fast period of time. Our postings link interested parties directly back to the property website that has been created for the asset.


The world of real estate investments is fast-paced. It's easy to miss an email of a new listing or a phone call from a broker. Your property will also be mailed directly to the main acquisitions person(s) to ensure every capable buyer is made aware of your asset. We have contact information for every real estate investor in the country that buys in the Florida markets we cover.


Our team is made up of impressive marketing talent in graphic design, website design, SEO creation, branding... the list goes on. Our belief is that investors only care about the “meat and potatoes” of the deal and not how many pages the package is and how many times you can repeat the same thing over and over again. We put together concise, eye-catching offering packages with ONLY the most pertinent information on the deal so that buyers can quickly understand the value and potential of the asset.


Our team creates a website for each property that contains high-quality pictures, important attachments, links to other relative info on the property, drone footage, demographics, maps, the offering memorandum, and more.


Depending on the asset, it may be beneficial to physically present the offering in a live format to individual buyers, groups of investors from investment funds, and on occasion presenting the asset in large broker gatherings geared toured the discussion and announcement of new listings.


An affiliated drone video and photography company, C7 Pics, LLC will be engaged by our team to fly your property and create dazzling video and still pictures with appropriate music and text overlays to give all buyers a better sense of the asset and the sub market.