Multifamily 101 Video Series

Is Low Balling a Good Strategy?

Is making a really low offer on a piece of commercial real estate a good idea? Listen to why Beau says it's actually a very bad idea.

Open Permits on Commercial Property

If you're selling or thinking of selling commercial real estate, any open permits can complicate or even prevent the deal from closing. Beau explains why and how you can avoid any problems.

Multifamily Pro-Forma Analysis 

Whether you're a new real estate investor or well seasoned, this video podcast interview of Beau Beery for the Commercial Real Estate Pro Network is a must watch. The incredibly detailed pro-forma investment tips he gives could save you millions over time.

Top 8 Reasons Multifamily is the Investment of the Future

Citing a 2016 study done by the National Apartment Association, Beau shares the top reasons he feels multifamily will be the investment of the future.

Multifamily Sniper Selling vs Cast Net Selling

In this video we share the power of performing the sniper selling approach to multifamily first, which is to work with your top buyers before you begin mass marketing the property, and if the property still hasn’t sold you can always do the cast net mass marketing approach next. We outlay the positives and negatives.

Calculating Offer Price Based on Required Return

As a commercial real estate and multifamily practitioner, this will be one of the most resourceful videos that you will watch for free. Beau Beery will walk you thru a series of calculations that will help any investor arrive at a purchase price based on that investors required rate of return. Whether you're a new or seasoned commercial broker, experienced investor, or savvy banker, this will be a great resource for you to assist in quickly assessing any investment.

Buyer NOI vs. Seller NOI

Detailed quantitative video on the stark differences between how sellers calculate Net Operating Income and how Buyers calculate Net Operating Income. The key is to help sellers understand how buyers and the lenders use market rate adjustments to determine value.

Commercial Real Estate Negotiating Made Easy

A must see video for customers, clients, owners, landlords, and brokers about how to keep your head in the game & keep ego out, think win win, don't insult, and much more when negotiating a commercial real estate transaction.